No hose delivers more performance than the PTFE global benefits. Resistance to chemical aggression is unbeatable. PTFE is mechanically tough, but on the other hand, spiral-shaped is much more flexible. The PTFE material is tested for high and low temperatures. They are made to measure with the required specifications made of 15 mm up to 150 mm.


 Corroflon Hose Assemblies

Corroflon is custom built to individual order and is supplied in the form of finished hose assemblies after the length, liner, braid, and end fittings have been decided upon.

Selecting the Hose Grade

The basic grade of corroflon is corroflon GP, SS in many cases. A hose grade is specified by using the abbreviations.

Selecting the end fittings

Corroflon is available with a range of standard end fittings, both integrally PTFE lined an non-lined.

Corroflon Hose lengths

Corroflon hose assemblies are made up to the specific lengths required. The hose length is taken as the length from the sealing face af one end of the hose to the same at the other end.


Quality Assurance Registrations

corroflon Hose are manufactured to BS EN ISO 9001:2000