Precintank is a loading and in loading monitoring unit, that allows for load control during the complete process of transport and delivery of petroleum products.The systems works separately from the normal operation of the tank truck, this never interfering with it, and can be installed in tankers of one to ten compartment.

Safety Features

  • Cargo control during transportation, quantity and quality wise.
  • Work safety: avoids worker from having to climb to the top part of the tanker to verify existing fuel level.
  • VOC emissions:avoid emissions of environmentally hazardous particles to the atmosphere due to unauthorized openings.
  • Detection of retained product in the pipes ans compartments.

Cargo Control

  • Avids theft amn manipulation of the product transported by monitoring the sensors placed at all the possible openings of the tanker.
  • All sensors used are namur type (which allows to see if the sensor is open, closed or shortcircuited).
  • API valve sensor: The movement sensor detects opening and closing of the valve. Sensitivity is adjustable.
  • The wet sensor detects the existence of product inside the pipes and/or inside the compartments.
  • Bottom valve sensor; internally fitted to avoid tampering. Sensor detects opening and closing of the valve.
  • Pressure relieve cap sensor: detects opening (optional).
  • Manhole cover sensor: detects opening and colsing.
  • Bluetooth wireless module for data unloading.
  • Rechargable Lithium Ion battery. 72 H battery life.
  • Internal power source to feed the whole system in intrinsic security and to safely recharge the battery.      Ex II2(1)G e mb EX ib(ia) IIA T4 Certification
  • Graphic LCD screen with back light.
  • Display can be configured tosuit the client's requirements.
  • 2 GB to 4 GB internal memory for registration and storage of events.
  • Precitank software for HP iPAQ Pocket PC type - Tablet (Android).
  • GPS location module.
  • GPRS transmission module.
  • System developed in accordance with the directives of european regulation EN 15208:2009 for electronic seals.